Why Do I Need A Website?

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Written by Brian, Lead Ninja

As a WordPress Ninja, I love to find a way to do things better and faster with technology and then hide in the shadows like I'm not even there. If you want to be on the leading edge, I want to be your ninja guide.


Why do I need a website? Technically you don't unless. . . You wouldn't be here if you didn't know that you needed a website. So tell me, in the comments below, what are you looking for? Are you trying to gather evidence to convince a board, an owner, a manager? Are you just curious? If you're in business, you need a website. Home service professionals probably have the most to gain by making this simple change. Turn that green blank screen in the picture above into your website and you'll have the edge over your competition.

A Website is the New Phone Book and You Need to be in the Phone Book

I don't know how many years ago I started, but I began to toss out every phone book I received straight into the nearest recycling bin. It was so easy to get rid of them, and I was glad to keep the clutter out of my house.  Recently, my new phonebook came with a notice saying some people would be back the next week to recycle my 'old' phone book. So, you know what I did? I just put it in a reused plastic grocery bag and left it outside the front door. Then, like most people, I went back to my computer. Problem solved. 

Most People Find Your Number on the Internet

If you're a local business, a plumber, electrician, a remodeler, or somebody in the home service professional space, you need to know that your website is the New Phone Book. Let us at White Glove Ninja give you a highly sophisticated place to show off so much more than your phone number. It's even better than the premium quarter/half/full page you'd find perusing those old yellow pages, back in the day.

I Hired Someone Without a Website

Last year, we needed to service our large mower.  The company we chose actually picked it up, fixed it and delivered it back to us. But, they were lucky they got our business, because they didn't have a website. The only reason we used them was because they showed up on Google Maps five times closer then the next competitor. They nearly lost our business simply because they didn't have a website or a clear solution to our pains. How much business can you afford to lose by not having a website?

Your Website is a Business Card on Steroids

Someone could've got your phone number from the phone listings that Google picked up and threw on their map, because they're a good answer engine. I hope they got it because you already know that you need a website. Your website provides your phone number, but you have the opportunity to share a whole bunch more.

You can tell the world the story of the people you help... by telling about the exact problem(s) you solve and how you've helped people solve that problem.

Take our friends at Ozarks Remodeling, they do high end custom bathrooms and their website shows it. Take a look and you'll see what they do. I look at their site and see that they do bathrooms and have a phone number:

Ozarks Remodeling Home Page

Make your website, "business card" tell the world exactly what you do and do well and love to do. Then, that is all you'll ever have to do. Wouldn't you like to do what you love doing all the time? Me too. That's why I started White Glove Ninja.

Keep reading about other benefits of answering "Yes" to "Do I Need a Website".

Your Website Shows You Are Professional And Provides Social Proof Of Your Expertise

Just having a website makes you look more professional. It makes you real. Didn't you know, everything on the web is true? Just kidding, but it makes you entirely more credible. You can load up your site with testimonial quotes, images, and videos from your past or ongoing clients. People dig that up and then call you up. You don't need the big names, you just need people like me, people who will continue to serve you and serve you well. You can also tie in ratings from Yelp, Google, Houzz, or HomeAdvisor. That gives the buyer the same confidence they'll find when shopping on Amazon or Ebay. Check out these on our partner Go Tidy Up Junk Removal in Atlanta, GA:

GoTidyUp.com Site/Service Reviews

Showcase Your Best Work with a Website Portfolio

After social proof and credibility, go for the gusto and offer some visual and video proof of what you do. Here you choose your best and favorite work and feature it on your site to give everyone an idea of what you do. A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth ten. Create a portfolio of what you have done well and want to continue doing and it will inspire those people who fit and push away the rest. Don't you want to work with the best people and do the work you love to do?

Teach them what you want to do and show them how you can help them. Then, they'll join you because your expertise is worth more than 10,000 words (like the video above)...

Relationships - A Website Starts New Relationships

Everyone wants to work with someone they know and help everyone they know. Have you ever been asked by someone, "Who do you know that does plumbing?" How did you feel when you had the answer? Pretty great. How about when you didn't?

Your website can build relationships by adding value to people who don't even buy from you. . . yet. . . or maybe ever. But just maybe, they'll tell someone about you, so that they can get that good feeling when asked, "How did you feel when you had the answer?"

A website is your relationship builder from writing awesome blog posts like this one and sharing your expertise and guiding others. Right now we're building a Website DIY online course. I used to think that would put me out of business. But, now I think it will put us in the place of the expert. That placement will have solid businesses calling us to ask, "Can you do for us everything in your Website DIY course?" Of course we can and we can do it twice as fast!

Through your website blog, courses and pages you can generate an email list of people interested in what you're offering. Email lists are another channel to help build relationships by providing valuable information and guidance in your area of expertise. Want to join our list? Scroll to the bottom of this blog post and sign up now!

You Need a Website To Present Your Offer - How You Help People

Some people don't need a relationship to see your credibility, or portfolio. You have given them professionalism by having a crisp, clean and useful website. Plus, you have articulated a specific pain or problem your customers are facing and have made a confident offer showing how you can solve their problem. In some situations like easy tasks or emergency situations, that's all they need to pull the trigger on taking an offer that clearly addresses their pain. They'll think, "If it looks good, if there's a rating or testimonial, I'll try it out."

As part of your offer you need a clear call to action. What do they need to do to take your offer? And what will they experience after taking the offer? This leads us to the last reason people wonder, "Why Do I Need a Website?"

Your Website is Your Digital Toolbox for Scheduling, Payments, Customer Service and More

Part of that call to action is often an online form to gather your new customer's contact information and most importantly payment or deposit. The power of software provides you with unlimited possibilities for tools, tricks, and integrations to make your business prosper by serving your team and clients well. Think calendars, schedules, reminders, invoices, estimates, notifications, messages, video libraries, podcasts, online courses, stores, reports, communications, promotions. Having a website is the tipping point to a time-saving, improved process for doing business that makes your job easier and more joyful. It also provides a top quality experience for your clients, customers, members, and/or partners.

TLDR - Why Do I Need A Website?

  1. Your website shows the world who you are.
  2. Your website tells them how to connect with or contact you.
  3. Your website demonstrates your professionalism and credibility.
  4. Your website builds a relationship with your prospects and customers.
  5. Your website offers tools to your organization to use internally and externally.


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