Get The White Glove Ninja WP Service

Are you tired of uploading your blogs, podcast, and other content to your website?
Do you feel overwhelmed in creating landing pages and a pop-up box?

Does your time allow you to make your website look great and add complexities?

You don't have to worry.

Our White Glove Ninjas will set them up for you!

All of your content (landing page, podcast episodes, blogs, lightbox), you name it, you get it.

We've got you covered!

Imagine a customized WordPress website built for you with free domain, hosting, and registration.

We will check your Plugins and your WordPress themes to seamlessly update them without you batting an eye every week.

With daily backups stored for 30 days, we can immediately restore your site to how it was yesterday, last week, or at the beginning of the month.

Not just that, our ninjas will also secure your website and its data. We will maintain your website to keep it running in an optimal level.

We'll also give you 25 hour WordPress help each month to give you all the help you need. Once you've consumed the 25 hours, that's the only time you get charged $25/hr for the additional improvements you want for your site.

Now, you don’t have to worry about updating your content. Whether you want a landing page, a pop-up, or an opt-in page, we’ve got you covered!

You also get constant contact with a real person, and a project management meeting.

Get The White Glove Ninja WP Service

Ninja for the website White Glove Ninja handles by WordPress Experts

What's In It For You

✔ Restful and complete sleep

✔Worry-free nights

✔Safe and Secured website

✔ No technical overwhelm

✔ Responsive & easy to deal with Support Team

✔  More time with loved ones - Freedom!

✔ Reliable website



Get The White Glove Ninja WP Service


What's In It For Your Website?

✔ Free WP Engine Hosting for 1 website
✔ 1 Free Divi Theme
✔ Daily plugin updates
✔ Weekly WordPress updates
✔ Weekly Theme updates
✔ Daily Backups
✔ Weekly Backup Checks
✔ On-Call Backup Restoration
✔ 10 GB storage
✔ 50 GB bandwidth/ month
✔ Free SSL
✔ Private domain registration
✔ Free Website Content Update
✔ Free 20+ hrs. of calls with the Lead Ninja
✔ Discount to Software Development

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