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Updating your plugins and themes is a good security practice to keep your website safe. However, by doing just that, your company data remains vulnerable. Hackers might steal all these data from your website.

There are other possibilities why you could lose your data. It could be human error, hard drive failure or even server errors.

When this happens, you might lose all the necessary data your company has. You would have to do everything from the ground up. Also, you could lose possible customers when this happens more so if you're an online store where database and transactions are of utmost importance.

You don't want that.

Here's where creating back up for your WordPress website plays an essential role. Proper backup for your website is like preparing for the future. You anticipate what could happen and gear yourself up for it. It also secures your customers that their data are safe and uncompromised. Furthermore, it also builds trust and a sense of security.

Here are two methods to backup your WordPress site. Here are the affiliate links to the tools you will need for the backup:


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